How Your Donation Helps

Wilshire Hospice is proud of the fact that admission to our program is based on need rather than the ability to pay. We believe that every person deserves quality End-of-Life care.

Donations allow us to continue to serve these patients.

While Medicare, Medi-cal and most private insurance companies have Hospice benefits, these only partially cover the costs of Hospice care. Wilshire Hospice provides full service to all Hospice patients and their families, no matter what amount of reimbursement we receive from these payers.

Donations allow us to continue full services for everyone.

One goal of Hospice care is that pain and other symptoms are well controlled. Medication costs can be very high.

Donations allow us to provide pain and symptom relief to every patient even if the cost of medication is higher than expected.

Licensing and certification regulations mandate bereavement care to surviving family for thirteen months following the patient's death. These costs are not reimbursed.

Donations allow us to deliver a comprehensive Bereavement Program to grieving family members.

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